The Future is Now at AIBC Dubai

The Rise of DeFi

AIBC Dubai had a strong focus on DeFi and the digital revolution. In order to provide attendees with a wealth of knowledge and fresh insights on the industry's future orientation, topics such as blockchain gaming, social effect, digital security, and social media brand presence were all addressed during the event. Akon, the originator of the Akoin and a major force in African development, was a notable visitor at the event.

Sixty-two percent of the delegates to the AIBC come from Europe. However, 47 percent of people in attendance are key decision makers in their respective fields, illustrating the importance of the event. Assuming that Europe is leading the charge with significant decision makers defining the digital era, with events like AIBC traveling to every region listed, is a logical conclusion.

ZB CEO Romex JHA Supports the Rise

One of the main speakers at the event was Romex Jha, the CEO of ZB.During a panel discussion, according to him, it is crucial for cryptocurrency adoption to have payment providers.

He wants to push the ever-rising crypto industry to collaborate further. He wants to spread the message across the globe and that companies such a ZB want to strive as Romex noted that We want to take DeFi even further in the future, while envisioning to become a super-platform where users can seamlessly experience diverse products based on their needs, empowering them to be an integral part of the decentralized finance ecosystem However, there is need to step up in order to set a good cooperation across the globe in multiple industries. ZB shows great examples of leadership in this sector and ultimately wants to continue molding the industries. Romex spoke about the future being now and that the key should be a set narrative between crypto leaders and cooperation rather than competition.

AIBC Summit, Leader in Blockchain Conferences

AIBC is a global event, with conventions taking place in Toronto, Malta, Belgrade, and Nairobi during the course of 2022 and beyond. As a result of this, it appears that Dubai's talks are in high demand around the world, which speaks well for the industry's future. It's not just the event itself that's getting bigger; the dialogues are getting bigger as well.

The rise of blockchain and DeFi’s influences a lot of different industries and in many different ways. With the expanding and legalization happening currently across the world, many companies and technological giants are shifting towards decentralized finances. Nevertheless, there is a rise in the iGaming community which correlates to many casinos moving to crypto-based options. SIGMA is one of the leading news entities that bring up to date information in regards to everything iGaming related.

Without mining crypto, the cryptocurrency ecosystem that we all enjoy today would simply not be possible. As one of the key unique selling points of cryptocurrency, mining underpins the platform on which digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin stand.