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UP Rules

1、ZB UP selects outstanding projects that are already listed on other exchanges and have a large daily trading volume. It allows those projects to distribute tokens at a 50% discount and all the exchanged ZB tokens in UP sale period will be burned.;

2、Users need to use ZB tokens to participate in UP sales. There are upper and lower bounds with the lowest limit being 100 ZB tokens, and the upper limits vary according to different VIP tiers.;

3、Users need to complete the advanced real-name verification before participating in UP.;

4、Each user can only subscribe once in each UP sale, and sub-accounts are unable to participate in the same UP sale.;

5、The UP amount is allocated according to the proportion of each user's subscription amount and the total subscription amount of all users. The more you subscribe, the more UP amount are allocated and the more UP assets received. Moreover, a part of the UP amount is reserved as a lucky gift for lucky users. Please refer to the official announcement for more detail.;

6、The winning users need to collect the lucky prize within a time limit after UP ends. If the users do not collect the prize within the time limit, it would be considered that the users give up the prize.;

7、ZB does not currently support users in some countries and regions. Users in other regions are required to participate in UP in compliance with national laws.;

8、Digital currency trading has inherent risks, please be cautious in participation.;

9、ZB reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity。

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