New Vision and Design

Comprehensive visual design innovation, and interactive experience optimization at the details

Night Mode Added

Stunning at first sight, comfortable use for a long time

New K-line Design

New K-line look, clear index and accurate data
Grasp market conditions in real-time

New Trading Experience

Swipe left and right to switch screens to make trading more efficient


Freely switch Exchange and Margin trading

Now it's no need to manually borrow funds. New automatic borrowing function makes margin trading more efficient

New Fiat Currency Trading

One step to buy and sell fiat currency

New Finance Interface

Clearly display of account assets and keeps you informed of the movements of the funds

Powerful Message System

The powerful message system allows seamless communication, which supports group chat, social and interaction.

Red Packet brings more surprises in the interaction

New Vision, New Concept

ZB APP V5.0 New Revision

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